It’s the season of giving, Tidal Nation! We are very excited to say that this year we are sponsoring three local families. Our goal is to provide the essentials (and hopefully a bit more) so that each of these families has a special holiday filled with love and laughter.


To purchase an item, please read and follow the following steps. All sign up lists and information will be posted in the gym:


  1. Sign your name beside the item you are purchasing to ensure there are no duplicate efforts. Items may range in price from $20 to $100+. Please consider the item you are selecting and make sure you are comfortable.Note: All items listed as HIGH PRIORITY must be purchased and accounted for across ALL families, before items listed as MEDIUM PRIORITY are selected. The same goes for LOW PRIORITY.
  2. Double check the item information (i.e sizing requirements, age of person, favourite colour requests, etc).
  3. Purchase the item. You must KEEP THE RECEIPT.
  4. Add the item unwrapped to the box listed with your family number. We want to make sure it goes to the right family! Please put your receipt in the envelope (on box).
  5. Once you have dropped off your gift, please check off your item on the spreadsheet so that we know it is in the box.




Please email if you have any questions.