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There’s a certain ‘type’ of person who can walk through our doors and stick with our program. No, it has nothing to do with your age, body type, or athletic level – it has to do with a mindset. A mindset of excellence. CrossFit brings out the competitive nature of everyone and is designed to put you against you – every day you walk in the gym is a new day to get closer to your goals. You can and you will conquer them.


Doug Whiteside

Tidal has helped to shape a new identity of health and wellness in my life. Their concept is simply to make people better and in the 5 years that I’ve been a regular member, I have grown stronger both mentally and physically. The ultimate benefit of Tidal Nation though, is the community. Meeting amazing new people and helping to encourage one another towards achieving previously unimaginable goals, is what keeps me coming back for more. I’m so thankful to the Tidal Crossfit staff and community for helping me to realize what I am capable of.

The ultimate benefit of Tidal Nation is the community.


João Pedro (JP) Fontenelle

I felt very welcomed by Tidal when I decided to start Crossfit. As an old athlete (I’ve been swimming for the past 27 years, 20 at competitive level), the Tidal community helps me keep going and in very good shape. Since I’ve started, I’ve improved my strength and don’t have more shoulder problems (I have very worn out shoulders from swimming). On top of that, I feel I am improving my conditioning and general strength, always pushing myself to overcome my limits in a safe way. In less than a year at Tidal, I have achieved a lot in Crossfit techniques and improved very much, thanks to all the help I get from the coaches at Tidal Danforth, which are very supportive.

I am improving my conditioning and general strength, always pushing myself to overcome my limits in a safe way.


Sofie Ibbett

I read just recently that CrossFit makes you stop caring what you see in the mirror and start becoming proud of what challenges you can overcome, and I whole heartily agree with that statement. Since starting at Tidal [Danforth, now North], I have over come so many physical and mental battles, made a heap of friends, and had so much fun doing it, and the best part is knowing it will only keep getting better.

The best part is knowing it will only keep getting better.


Karl W. Schumacher

I have struggled with my weight for the duration of my adult life, and I have been using Crossfit to battle this struggle for the last five years. What I love about the Crossfit community is the comradery and friendships, and the engaging, scalable training that enables me to push the limits of my physical boundaries.

I have been to a total of three boxes in the GTA, and it was only until I reached Tidal Danforth that I fully appreciated the value of superior programming and the support that effective athletic coaches can provide in helping you to not only push your physical limitations, but also your psychological roadblocks and states of mind.

I look forward to growing with my Tidal Crossfit Family.


Karen Hicks

Without a doubt, my body is stronger since coming to Tidal and I love that! Things that I wondered prior to joining would be possible, are absolutely possible now. The programming is always challenging and yet I get it done. I attribute my accomplishments to the awesome coaching and amazing community – both are key to staying motivated.

My body is stronger since coming to Tidal.

Navid Shobeiri

I joined Tidal to get healthier and increase my overall energy, and in all aspects, I was able to succeed, (although now my target goals have moved and there is definitely more room for improvement). I was happy to lose a few inches from the good ol’ waist line, get stronger, and have more overall energy for my day-to-day activities. The downside was that initially I actually gained quite a bit of weight because my body needed nutrients to build muscle and I was interpreting that signal as: ‘MUST EAT MORE FOOD’, but once I corrected my eating habits and ate the correct nutrients, I saw results real fast. I highly recommend Tidal to newcomers, you’ll for sure fall in love with the workout and the awesome staff and community, but just remember to also eat the right stuff.

I was happy to have more overall energy for my day-to-day.


Kim Smith

At the age of 50, my son suggested that I try cross fit. I was not at all athletic or even interested but I went because he asked me. I was greeted with acceptance and friendship, even though I was close to being the oldest in the gym.

Since I started cross fit I have become more confident with what I am capable of doing with my body, I push myself in ways that are new to me, I feel proud of what I can do. I’m inspired by what people around me accomplish. I love the friendships I have made and that the gym feels like home. It’s still hard for me but I don’t give up or stop going because I feel like I’m part of the community and I’m there to support and be supported.

I feel proud of what I can do.

Rob DeBellefeuille

Since joining Tidal just a few months ago I have noticed an amazing change in my strength and overall fitness. I have built my time at Tidal into my daily schedule and the results have been incredible… so much better than my previous ‘solo’ gym routine!

I have noticed an amazing change in my strength and overall fitness.

Dean Smalley

When I joined Crossfit I thought I was in pretty good shape. That was until I tried the based line workout and I was dealt with a dose of reality. 4 plus years later I am convinced Crossfit has changed my life. From meeting some incredible people, to being constantly pushed beyond my comfort zone I have experienced an incredible transformation both in mind and body.

I am convinced that CrossFit has changed my life.

How has Tidal changed your life?

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