Tidal Nation!

Starting this past week we have switched to a new logging and programming platform, SugarWod. We have received a lot of great feedback about the app itself, and we feel very positive about its functionality and look being a big step up from TrainHeroic. However, the most common questions and concerns we’ve received have been around the change from weekly posting to nightly, so I wanted to explain the logic behind this decision.

At our last programming meeting, our Director of Programming, Thom Wendelboe, sat down with Jeff and I, and brought up the idea of switching to SugarWod in light of recent issues with posting the programming through TrainHeroic. In that discussion, we identified several areas we wanted to see improvement if we were going to make the switch. One was the basic functionality of a new app – it obviously had to improve in order to warrant making a change. We also saw a new app as an opportunity to improve on how our members engage with our programming on a regular basis. This is where the nightly posting decision came from.

An app like TrainHeroic or SugarWod is much more valuable as a logging and tracking tool than it is as simply a medium for disseminating information. With weekly programming, what we noticed about athlete engagement was that it was widely limited to looking at the programming on Sunday to plan training days, and excluded the logging function of the app. We feel that by having athletes on the app every day to check the workout, the added step to also log that day’s scores is much easier to make consistently.

What this change means for you guys is, yes, a little less planning on a weekly basis (I will get to how we’ve mitigated that in a bit), but what it also means is no more wondering what your back squat PR is, or going six weeks or months without knowing whether or not you are progressing at skill X or movement Y. For the Programming team, it means more data to help guide decisions around strength and skill progressions. We believe strongly that having access to a large pool of scores from our membership on a daily, weekly and monthly basis will be the key to taking Tidal programming to the next level.

Finally, for those of you that need a little guidance to plan your week’s workouts, we have included hints and tips for each day that can be seen 7 days in advance. These let you know what the major movements are in each day’s programming, as well as what equipment you might need to bring (lifting shoes, skipping rope, etc), without giving away the whole day’s programming.

We are excited to see what a more functional, more socially engaged, better-looking logging and tracking app can do for Tidal’s programming and your experience as our members. And ultimately, we always want to improve what we offer you guys, so what we’re asking is that you give this new thing a shot and know that we will continue to revisit this periodically. (And hey, if daily programming totally sucks, we’ll scrap it.) 

Maguid Nicholas
(Tidal Owner / Danforth Head Coach)