How to Stay Active this Summer

By Coach MaryBeth Hemphill 

Summer is always a busy time of the year. With social events, vacations, and the kids out of school, finding time to focus on your health can be daunting. And the plethora of food and drinks accompanying patio season only serve to make matters more dire.

Lucky for you, there is always a way to get a workout in if you’re willing to commit to it! Whether you are up at a cottage, or simply in an environment with limited equipment, it’s always possible to make a fun and challenging session for yourself.

Here are some ideas if you find yourself keen to train, but can’t get to the gym:

  1. If you are going to design a workout, consider what equipment you have available. Your equipment will dictate what movements you can do.


  2. Look to mix different types of movements together. Varying movements will make for a more challenging and more intense workout.An example of varied stimuli would be: push-ups, swimming, and KB swings. This trio of movements represents a pushing movement, a metabolic movement, and a hinge movement.

  3. Consider how much time you want your workout to take, and the total volume included in what you design. Ensure the number of reps and load is appropriate for your own level of fitness.Here are some guidelines a consistent gym-going exerciser can use when crafting a workout:

    – Keep your workout shorter than 20 mins. Warm-up and cool-down can and should be added on to your creation.

    – Make your workout Task priority, AKA make it “For Time”. It is often easier to find intensity when there is a definitive end to the work.

    – Combine no more than three movements.

    – Use fully body movements when possible. Ex. Opt for a Push Press vs. Strict Press.

  4. Use the environment — trails, stairs, benches, water, hills, etc.

  5. Consider adapting the Tidal Workout of the Day. This can be a fun challenge. To do this, consider the stimuli of the day’s workout, and substitute each stimuli for a movement you can do, given the equipment available. (See Workout # 3 below as an example).

  6. Check out for workouts that match your resources. Don’t be afraid to delve into this websites’ workout archives… there are some doozie workouts from the early years!

Feel free to use some of the following workouts for inspiration as well:

Workout 1 (Beach/Cottage):

2 Rounds for Time:

  • Run 100 meters
  • 50 Squats
  • Run 100 meters
  • 50 Push-ups
  • Run 100 meters
  • 50 Sit-ups

Scale to 25 of each movement if you cannot perform 15 perfect push-ups in a row.

Adapted from:

Workout 2 (Hotel Workout):


12 Rounds for Time:

  • 10 Dumbbell hang squat cleans (45/25lbs)
  • 6 Handstand push-ups on dumbbells (Scale to DB push press)

Workout 3 (Water Access):

Adapted from Tidal Programming, TUESDAY 7.18.17

For Time:

  • 15 Water Muscle-Up*
  • 60 Push-Up
  • 15 Water Muscle Up

*For the Water Muscle Up: Start at dock’s edge in water, arms extended. Vault body over edge of dock/deck such that you end up supporting your torso above the dock/deck, with arms locked out.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!