The “Why” Behind Tidal’s Programming

We tend to get a lot of questions on programming, especially from experienced CrossFitters. CrossFit is unique in the sense that there is no set model or standard for the product offered. Instead, individual CrossFit affiliates are encouraged to find their own style and, while CrossFit offers a plethora of resources on workout design and implementation, each gym has their own expression of CrossFit programming. While Tidal’s interpretation of CrossFit’s methodology isn’t unique, it may differ from other facilities.

Our goal is to produce a program that will increase your general physical preparedness – GPP for short – and encourage long-term health. GPP refers to an athlete’s ability to competently perform a wide range of tasks and display their “work capacity” across broad times and modal domains.” In other words, an individual with a high level of GPP will be able to demonstrate their fitness through lifting, running, throwing, jumping, and any other physically demanding task that comes their way.

Tidal believes in the importance of GPP and builds our CrossFit program around the concept. A “broad and general fitness” helps everyone and anyone “perform their daily activities more easily and reduce injuries.”  With that in mind, our program is designed to help you dominate beer league hockey, play with your kids in the park, and help your friends move. The last one is especially important if you drive a pickup truck.

We avoid following a set pattern when writing our programming and focus on providing a varied fitness regime that includes a mixture of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics.  It has become fashionable for many programs to designate a day for each movement with quite a few facilities setting Monday as a squat day, planning gymnastics work on Tuesday, and so forth. While there is some merit to this strategy – it certainly makes designing workouts easier – there are quite a few negatives. But, let’s focus on positives of switching it up from day-to-day!

Tidal CrossFit Fitness Program - Burlington, Toronto and Newmarket

By varying which days each element occurs, we allow you to have better options in selecting your workout days. This let’s you plan your fitness around your schedule. And while all movements we program are important, we believe certain exercises, such as the squat, are critical to athletic development. If we squatted on a Monday and a handful of our 700+ members can’t make it in on a Monday, they would never experience the “joys” of a heavy 5 rep max back squat. Switching up our programming from week to week also avoids the complacency of routine. After five years, I know I still enjoy the novelty of constantly varied programming.

Tidal designs workouts with our top athletes in mind, we also make sure we include as many movements as possible and do our best to expose our members to a wide range of stimulus (i.e. different movements). The great thing about our workouts is that they are designed to be tailored to every athlete’s individual ability. Our coaches are happy to adjust the workout to your individual needs. That might mean lowering the weights, altering movements, or reducing reps. More importantly, we find that harder workouts provide something to push towards. I know being able to “RX” workouts was a big push for me when I started CrossFit. We pride ourselves on our workouts AND we also pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our workouts to your

Tidal’s programming is CrossFit. In other words, our daily workouts are “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.” As a member of Tidal, we want you to be stronger, more agile, and better conditioned not only from month-to-month but from year-to-year. Our philosophy is CrossFit.

Written by: Thomas Wendelboe
Co-Owner & General Manager| Tidal CrossFit York Mills

(Thom also oversees the development of Tidal’s programming)

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