Well, the dust has settled, and the 2018 Crossfit Open is over!


Congrats – whether it was your first or your eighth year participating in the Open, you definitely have things to be proud of. Maybe you pushed yourself harder than ever. Perhaps you felt extra fired up and motivated to get to the gym, what with the exciting socials, camaraderie of Friday Night Lights, or leader-boarding (yes, it’s a verb). Maybe you uncovered a weakness, or skill you want to add to your capacity. Let’s talk about these experiences, because if we can bring the best of ourselves from the Open into the gym year-round, some pretty amazing changes can happen.


Run with that Motivation


Consider what you may have done differently each Friday for the Open workout. Maybe you were more on top of your nutrition, or paid closer attention to recovery. Perhaps you made sure your workout environment (barbells, jump-rope, etc) were all perfectly set up. An awesome part of the Open is that it shows us how we can be at our best athletically. Consider what you did which helped you do your best in the Open workouts that you could do everyday to have productive training. A great example of what this might look like is to commit to getting to the gym a bit earlier when possible to spend time doing extra general warm-up or mobility. It also may look like be spending 10-15 minutes outside of class time practicing skills and drills. The cumulative effect of a bit of time before or after every class can be huge to development. Both prime you to make greater strides while you are in class.


Address the Holes in Your Game


We all likely had that one workout or movement which we were nervous or even crestfallen to hear was included in the Open this year. This test of broad-based fitness often forces us to acknowledge our weaknesses, or expose us to skills we haven’t yet mastered. I encourage you to frame this type of experience as inspiration to tackle your weaknesses, and not let it be as much of a struggle next year! Make your weaknesses your new goals.

Attacking a weakness doesn’t necessarily mean endless practice and attempts at something beyond your reach. It looks like getting to class on days where the skill shows up in regular programming. It looks like paying extra attention to the warm-up and prep work, so that you soak in the necessary knowledge, body positioning, and foundational strength to acquire new skills. Get to class so a Coach can help you work through the missing pieces of your game – feedback is super critical to learning, and I would encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful resources that are your Coaches!

With this said, do put in the time to practice! Please be smart and consult with a Coach to learn safe drills you can do outside of class time to reinforce quality movement patterns. Practice, and developing a progressive training plan for acquiring new movements is also a great reason to invest in Personal Training. Tidal’s staff are very (very) knowledgeable and talented – I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage!  Now is a great time to invest in yourself in this way.

Lastly, be patient – the hardest part of learning new things, for sure. Learning takes time. It takes repetition. It takes going through and learning from failure. It’s part of it, and will be worth it this time next year, and as you progress to being more well and more fit.


To end off, don’t forget to celebrate the wins. No matter how big or small, I bet you did something this Open you didn’t think you could do. And that is exceptional. It may have been something less fitness related, like being a great teammate in intramurals, learning to judge, or learning a new strategy for how to tackle test-like workouts. All of the facets of the open make us better people. I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your five weeks – you may be surprised at what you learn about yourself!  


Let’s keep the positive, supportive vibes rolling into this training season, Tidal Nation.


– MaryBeth Hemphill, Coach @Tidal CrossFit York Mills