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Our first priority is you. Tidal offers numerous options to help you reach your fitness goals. From personal and group training to nutrition and speciality programs, there is a safe, sustainable, and fun environment for you to excel in.  Our membership discounts and gym code-of-conduct are listed on our policies page.



CrossFit is a training methodology based on functional movements, such as weightlifting, gymnastics, running, and rowing, performed at a high intensity. It is is scaleable for everyone, from beginners to olympic athletes. Tidal’s program delivers fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Raise the bar with Tidal!

Starting at $178/mo for Unlimited Classes per Week

*No contracts. All memberships run on a month-to-month basis.


Personal Training

We love our CrossFit classes. However, sometimes you have a specific movement or modality you want to spend some extra attention on. Our expert coaches are here to help with personalized workout plans customized to your goals. Attack your weaknesses at Tidal.

30 Minute Sessions starting at $45.00
60 Minute Sessions starting at $75.00



Tidal offers multiple introductory options for individuals new to CrossFit! Regardless of which option you choose, you will finish the program with a new energy and excitement to pursue your health and fitness journey.

Contact your location of choice to book a free no-obligation consultation.



Tidal recognizes that living a healthy lifestyle encompasses much more than just fitness. Nutrition is another major component that affects performance, strength gains, weight loss, energy levels and more. The Tidal Nutrition program offers custom solutions based on your body and your goals. Find your balance with Tidal!


Health Services

You push your body hard in our classes. Let our trusted health care practitioners take care of it. Our locations offer a host of health and wellness options to keep you moving well. Recovery and preventative care is important to longevity, so get in touch with your preferred location for options and pricing.

Availability dependant on location.


Kids & Teens

These programs offer a fun, safe training environment for youth. Classes are designed to increase cognitive function, develop physical literacy, enhance sports performance, and prevent injuries through the development of mobility and proper movement patterns. Get a leg up with Tidal.

Availability dependant on location.

What else do Tidal members receive?

Access to ALL Tidal Locations + Exclusive Member-Only Workshops* + Ongoing Community Events around the GTA

*Workshops are free to members with the exception of a $5-10 reservation fee.