We recently caught up with Coach MaryBeth to see how she’s doing with Tidal’s Nutrition Program, under Nutrition Director Abigal Rudson. Here’s what she had to say!…


What changes have you seen with the nutrition program (mood/energy/physical changes)?

“The biggest change I have noticed is that I have way more energy throughout the whole day. I feel I am more alert and focused through my training sessions, as well as being able to be my best self while coaching and studying.”


How has the program affected your training/workouts?


My training has been way more consistent since working with Tidal Nutrition. Simply put, my capacity has increased. My gymnastics work has improved dramatically. I got my first bar muscle up this week and it is undoubtedly because I am a bit lighter. I feel I can push myself much harder during conditioning pieces. I am also significantly less sore throughout my training week, likely due to decreased inflammation.”


How has your perspective about food/training changed since you started the program?


Since starting the program, I have become more self-aware. This shows both in day-to-day activities and training. I have become more comfortable scheduling and planning, and have found that I am more at ease working within a schedule for both my nutrition and the general flow of my day.”


What would you say to someone who was thinking of making a lifestyle change and seeking nutrition coaching?


“I would say that we all need coaching at times. Working with a nutritionist, if nothing else, will make you more aware of how you impact your own successes. I have learned a lot, and become more successful in many facets of my life as a result of working with a nutritionist which go beyond aesthetics or changes in the number on the scale.”


Do you have any additional comments?


“The process of working with a nutritionist has renewed my sense of accountability, and self-reflection.”



Way to go, MB! Keep up the amazing work. We’re excited to hear about your continued progress.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tidal’s Nutrition Program, please email nutrition@tidalcrossfit.com