• High absorption rate

  • Promotes lean muscle growth

  • Decreases recovery time

  • Accelerates your metabolism

  • Reduces muscle breakdown


Looking for the best whey protein blend to add or maintain lean muscle? 5STAR WHEY PROTEIN blend of Whey protein and Isolate whey protein will help your body recover faster and stronger from any workout. Each scoop of 5STAR WHEY PROTEIN contains 25 grams of protein and a low quantity of carbs. All sweetened with stevia leaf, you are sure to have a low-calorie intake and a delicious taste that you will never get enough of without affecting your blood sugar levels. Consuming a good amount protein daily will help activate your metabolism, maintain or add valuable muscle gains. Also, every serving of 5STAR WHEY PROTEIN contains about 6,5 grams of BCAA’s, the principal amino acids that will help you with muscle growth and muscle recovery.


Cost: $65.99 (5lb Tub)

How to order and pay: Fill out our pre-order form here. ZenPlanner invoices will then be sent out via email. Payment must be made before pickup. Protein will be delivered to your preferred Tidal location. Estimated delivery is the week of May 1st.


** Order deadline: Thursday, April 26th @5:00PM **