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7th Annual Battle of the Boxes

Tidal’s Annual Battle of the Boxes brings our four locations together to battle head to head for the DiMarino Cup… and of course, ultimate bragging rights! Don’t miss this opportunity to support your team and show the other locations just what you’re made of. (Really though, let’s just have some fun!) This competition is designed for ALL levels, from beginners to competitive athletes, with scoring opportunities for everyone. It will include two workouts and a lift. Scaling options will be provided.

Introducing the Level Method

We are very excited to bring the Level Method to Tidal. The Level Method is a system of testing and tracking that will integrate with our current programming and help you get the most out of your workouts. The Level Method is a collection of 15 tests that assess overall fitness and provides a tangible metric to track the development of our general physical preparedness (GPP). Each test corresponds to a mode in which our bodies use energy to produce power - an energy system. By asking us to complete a variety of familiar workouts and exercises, the Level Method allows us to have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses letting us to focus on our shortcomings and rapidly improve our GPP.

Staying Fit in Summer

Summer is always a busy time of the year. With social events vacations, and the kids out of school, finding time to focus on your health can be daunting. And the plethora of food and drinks accompanying patio season only serve to make matters more dire. Lucky for you, there is always a way to get a workout in if you’re willing to commit to it! Check out Coach MaryBeth's tips for staying active this summer.

Myles Ahead Fundraiser

We invite you to join the Tidal community on June 24 for a very important workout, 'Myles Ahead'. Just last month, the Tidal CrossFit Danforth community lost a special member of its Youth Program, Myles Kulperger at the age of 13. This event is a fundraiser in support of Myles’ family's not-for-profit organization, which will help families understand and navigate the gaps currently existing in the youth mental health system.

May 2018

Congratulations to our May 2018 Tidal Featured Athletes. These athletes have worked hard to deserve this recognition, in the forms of PRs, positive attitudes, leading by example and more!

Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe

Looking for a new breakfast idea? These Cottage Cheese Pancakes are a great option that your whole family will love. Paired with some fruit, honey or sugar-free syrup, you still get the sweetness you crave from regular pancakes.