Class Reservation Policy

Across all Tidal Locations

Tidal's Commitment to You

Tidal Owners, Managers, and Coaches promise to keep member safety, fitness and fun at the heart of every class we run. In an effort to ensure that our classes meet Tidal’s highest standards for safety, efficient use of equipment, time, space, and athlete to coach ratios, we promise to uphold and enforce the following class reservation policy, so that all of our members have fair access to every class we offer.

What We Ask of its Members

  • Reserve classes in advance of attendance.
  • Attend any class for which you have reserved a spot, or cancel your spot no later than two hours before the start of class.
  • Book or waitlist for a maximum of one class per day, and manage any waitlists so that you don’t accidentally reserve more than one spot a day.  Members that do not comply may have their reservation privileges removed.
  • Communicating Reservation Issues: Please refrain from posting about it on the Member’s Facebook Group, as this creates the possibility of multiple people showing up to class for the same open spot. 

Tidal's No-Show Enforcement Policy

For members who miss attendance for two (2) or more classes in a month, a penalty of one (1) week without the ability to reserve class spots in advance will be enforced. This does not mean that you cannot attend classes for that week, but that you cannot book spots for full classes in advance for that week, and must drop-in to classes that are not full, or pay a drop-in fee of $25 to pre-book a spot. Each month, all member no-show records reset.


For members who reserve more than one class in a day, either purposefully or by accident, and do not cancel one or both reservations in time, an immediate penalty of one week without the ability to reserve class spots in advance will be enforced.

Arriving Late?

Tidal recognizes that life happens, and there will be times that despite best efforts, you may arrive to the gym after your reserved class has started. If you arrive late, it is up to the Coach’s discretion on how to get you caught up for class, or if it’s best (safest) to wait for a later class. If you show a pattern of being late on a regular basis, it is up to the Manager’s discretion if an action, such as a week reservation penalty, needs to be taken.