Membership Policies

and Code of Conduct


Please review the details of each tab below, and do not hesitate to get in touch or book a free consultation to learn more.
  1. At any time during your membership, you can choose to cancel your current term.  Tidal’s fitness memberships run on a month-by-month basis with no set terms/length requirements.
  2. Membership cancellations require a minimum 3 days notice prior to payment due date.  Notice of cancellation after payment has been processed will not be refunded.
  3. All cancellations will be effective on the first day of the next calendar month.
  4. No refunds will be given on prepaid memberships.
  1. Holds can be applied to a membership after the first full calendar month of its term.
  2. A hold must be for a minimum length of 1 weeks and maximum 2 weeks.
  3. For every 12 months of active membership, clients will be entitled to ONE hold (up to 2 weeks).


Tidal implements these promises to foster the best training environment possible for its members and staff. If at any time a Manager feels that a member is not adhering to these promises, membership may need to be reviewed, and possibly revoked. Likewise, if you do not feel that Tidal is upholding our promises to you, please speak out. We never want to stop improving and bettering our experience for each one of you.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Promise to You

To always provide an environment that is safe, judgement free, and respectful of each and every person who walks through our doors, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Your Promise to Us

To always show respect to other members and coaches at our facility, and avoid inflammatory or inappropriate language (both in our facilities and online platforms).

To keep our facilities and equipment clean, organized and up-to-date to accommodate our growing community.

To assist in keeping our facilities clean by wiping down equipment and putting equipment back where it belongs after use.

To ensure our Coaches are providing you with top quality coaching/service every single class. We will always strive to learn more, teach more, and make your experience as great as possible to help you reach your goals.

To show up to class with a positive attitude, open to learning, and ready to conquer the day ahead (and hey, not all days are ‘good’ days, but if you show up giving whatever 100% of that day looks like, that’s all we ask for)!

To foster a strong community. We are in this together, and it’s important to us that we all support and encourage each other as we push towards our goals.

To embrace being part of a community-based gym and show support to others in whatever way you are comfortable. Be open to getting encouragement from others (remember,  they want to see you succeed too!).

To keep open and ongoing communication with our members to ensure you are up-to-date on everything going on around the gym – events, news, promotions, policy updates, etc.

To respond in a timely manner to events that you plan on attending, to cancel reservations appropriately to accommodate others who may want to attend in your place, and to respect changes to policy on class sign ups, events, and gym etiquette. Most importantly, to be forthright and open with us regarding the things you liked and didn’t like about our events, promotions and policies.

To recognize that we’re all humans… We are all a bit late sometimes, we all forget our shoes or wrist wraps out occasionally, and we all get a little cranky after a hard day of work. We will be understanding, reasonable, and empathetic in every situation.

To recognize that we’re all humans… if an error is made on Tidal’s behalf, understand that we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We all promise to have fun! While the gym is hard work, it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves at the same time. Smile and laugh often, sweat lots, and remember that at the end of the day, we’re healthy, and need to be forever grateful for that!