Congratulations to Tidal's May 2018 Featured Athletes!

Tidal CrossFit Danforth Toronto May MOTM

Eric Demore

Tidal CrossFit Danforth

AKA The Landing Pad

“Eric’s positive attitude and general friendliness makes him not only a pleasure to coach but also a pleasure to work out with. He is a very coachable athlete who has worked hard on improving his movement patterns, something that has obviously paid off as we have noticed a significant increase to his performance. All of the coaches thoroughly enjoy having Eric in their class and we look forward to seeing his continued progress.”

– Coach Craig

Tidal CrossFit Burlington May MOTM

Matt Hebert

Tidal CrossFit Burlington

“Matt is a staple member of our “5:30” class who shows up consistently, is coachable and receptive to feedback, and is just a genuinely great guy to have around our community. 

While he may seem quiet, he is pretty hilarious when you get to know him. He always has a smile on his face and leads by example by giving it his all on every workout. Matt even took his training to another level by dialling in his nutrition and participating in Tidal’s recent 4-week Challenge. He committed to it, smashed it, and saw some amazing results. Congrats Matt on MOTM, and for the bigger things to come!
P.S. We can’t forget to mention Matt’s better half, Rochelle. Rochelle is also a very consistent member who has recently slowed down a bit due to her pregnancy. We are very excited for them and the newest addition to their family (the next generation of CrossFit, perhaps?!). 

– Coach Joe

Tidal CrossFit Bronte Oakville May MOTM

Mike Baker

Tidal CrossFit Bronte

“This months member of the month is Mike Baker, aka Fluffy, aka Fluff Daddy, aka Fluff Master Flex. 

Along with being a consistent honor roll attendee at Bronte, Mike also took part in the nutrition challenge this past month and was the big winner. Aside from learning a bit more about meal prep and nutrition, Mike was a supportive and active participant throughout the challenge for the rest of the group as well. 
Mike is the type of member you love having at your gym, he shows up, always has a joke to crack or a smile on his face and works hard when here.”

– Coach Adam

Tidal CrossFit York Mills Toronto - May MOTM

Joe Woods

Tidal CrossFit York Mills

“An American transplant, Joe joined York Mills at the tail end of summer last year, jumping into the morning class with gusto.

A vocal supporter of the 5:30/6:30 change, the earlier class time has allowed Joe to stick around after the workout, stretch, and connect with the community. Recently, Joe brought his son Colin to do Murph, where he clearly took off after his dad, crushing the runs and squats.

Great work Joe. Way to lead from the front!”

– Coach Thom