Congratulations to Tidal's June 2018 Featured Athletes!

Tidal CrossFit Burlington - Member of the Month

Shauna C.

Tidal CrossFit Burlington

“Shauna is a pleasure to coach! She is very approachable and seems appreciative of any feedback. When she finishes her workout before others, she always cheers other people on until they finish their workout too and is always ready with a high five afterward.

Shauna recently participated in the nutrition challenge and noticed some big lifestyle benefits so she is continuing to make nutrition a priority in her life.

I’m excited to see how much more she will accomplish in the coming year.”

– Coach Amanda

Tidal CrossFit Danforth - Member of the Month

Russ M.

Tidal CrossFit Danforth

“Russ has been one of our most consistent, dedicated morning members since he started coming to Tidal. Russ has a quiet resolve, and brings great focus to every task he takes on in class. He has tackled the challenge of regaining range of motion and strength in a repaired shoulder with unwavering persistence.

Since starting at Tidal, he’s crossed several milestones, including ring and bar muscle ups and improving in Olympic lifting. Recently, he has spent time on Coach Josh’s table of pain (and healing), and has been seeing dividends in his overhead position.

He is also a big part of our morning community, and an athlete that many members look up to for his crazy workout times and scores. Most importantly, Russ can and regularly does rock a sleeveless shirt, which obviously enhances all his other great qualities. The morning just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Keep up the hard work, Russ, it’s an inspiration to all of us!”

– Coach Mags

Tidal CrossFit Bronte - Member of the Month

Jess P.

Tidal CrossFit Bronte

“Ever since Jess started here at Tidal, she has been a consistent face around the gym. It doesn’t matter if it’s early morning or late evening, Jess shows up with a smile on her face and her hair done in some sort of beautiful bun.

Jess has competed and done well in several competitions this year. She has become quite an inspiration to our other members because of her determination, consistency and positive spirit. We love having Jess as part of our Tidal Bronte crew.”

– Coach Mik

Tidal CrossFit York Mills - Member of the Month

Edward C.

Tidal CrossFit York Mills

“A longtime member and fixture of the 7:00 PM class, Ed gets to class early, works diligently on his mobility, and attacks workouts with a silent fervor.

Ed is consistently on the honor roll, attending 23 classes in the last 30 days and his hard work has resulted in a 345 pound back squat, completing the Open RX, and numerous (and consistent) PRs. With consistency and diligence, Ed anchors the late time slot and makes York Mills a better place.”

– Coach Thom