Congratulations to Tidal's April 2018 Featured Athletes!

Tidal CrossFit York Mills Featured Athlete

Amy Sheffield

Tidal CrossFit York Mills

“Amy joined York Mills in August of 2017 and has been going strong ever since. Committed to coming 5 days a week, Amy has helped grow the noon class into a fun, supportive, and social environment. Always attacking workouts with a smile, Amy has recently committed to improving her nutrition and, despite a vacation filled with temptations, she has made significant strides to dial in her diet. And it shows in her performance. Amy is constantly crushing workouts. Keep it up Amy!”

– Coach Savannah Swift

Tidal CrossFit Bronte Featured Athlete

Jordan Hern

Tidal CrossFit Bronte

“Jordan has been a member for over four years and is a regular in the 4:30 and 5:30pm classes. Jordan consistently attends classes averaging 4-5 workouts a week, most days staying extra or coming in early to work on mobility or skill work. All that extra time and consistency paid off this year competing in the Open where Jordan was one of the top male athletes, his Open was highlighted by completing not only his first muscle up in a workout but getting through 12 of them in 18.3.

We wish him the best as he has moved to Muskoka for the time being after being hired as a volunteer firefighter after working towards that career goal for the last two years. Good luck, be safe and hope to see you back soon.”

– Coach Adam

Tidal CrossFit Burlington Featured Athlete

Jamie Hall

Tidal CrossFit Burlington

“Coming over to a new gym, especially as a former coach, is not always an easy thing to do. Jamie is a dedicated family man, works 3 jobs, and still finds time to make it to the gym. When Jamie first started at Tidal he and I had many conversations about how difficult some of the workouts were and how high the talent level of our Tidal athletes is. It is not always an easy thing to take a step back and look at your self honestly after you have been training the same way for many years.

Jamie is one of the most humble and stand-up guys I know. He has bought into the process and become substantially better since joining our team. He gives it everything he has during every workout. We are very lucky to have amazing humans like Jamie hanging out in Burlington”

– Coach Joe

Tidal CrossFit Danforth Featured Athlete

Noel & Krystyna

Tidal CrossFit Danforth

“Since I started coaching at Tidal Danforth, Noel and Krystyna have always stood out for me. Their dedication to working on their weakness’ and becoming healthier people together is very inspiring.

From Krystyna gifting Noel PT sessions then signing up for the nutrition challenge, to coming in to do the Open together, they support each other and give their 110% every time. All things aside they are both just incredibly friendly and kind people and one of the exact reasons why the Tidal community is so amazing. Thank you both for being such bright spots in my days. Keep up the awesome work.”

– Coach Sophie