truLOCAL Sponsor Feature

We sat down with Marc from truLOCAL to learn more about this awesome local meat delivery service that you need to check out if you haven't already!

Can you tell me a little bit about truLOCAL?

Long story short…truLOCAL is the easiest way for you to get products like 100% grass-fed beef, sugar & nitrate free bacon, and wild caught Sockeye salmon. We started the company 2 years ago and the whole idea behind its was the fact that people were not only struggling with knowing what to buy, but when they finally narrowed down what sort of proteins they wanted to be eating, it got really hard to actually find quality sources of it. We figured, why not partner with high quality farmers and producers to build a website that can act as a marketplace for people to browse, shop and get educated on these types of products. The next step after building the platform and network, was getting it to people’s homes….and that’s where the simple monthly meat delivery concept came in!

Why should consumers move to a home delivery service?

I don’t think it’s so much the idea that people “SHOULD” move to a delivery service, I just think that if it’s something that fits their lifestyle and makes things easier for them, it should be available. It’s no secret that people are busy now a days….It personally takes me 3 days to respond to text messages haha…So we figured if we could take something that people spend a lot of time doing (shopping for healthy food) and add a delivery component to it, why not?

Can you tell us more about your product? What are the benefits of grass fed or wild caught sources of protein?

When it comes to grass fed beef, there are a LOT of different perspectives on this. I think it starts out by first asking yourself, what are you looking for most when it comes to your proteins. If that answer is you’re looking for something cleaner and healthier than what’s normally available, I’d definitely say 100% grass fed grass finished beef would be for you.

How did you get involved in the CrossFit community?

Honestly, CrossFit just sort of ended up being a natural fit. Everyone in the business is pretty active and a lot of us have done CrossFit, so once the community found out we were starting this truLOCAL, the CrossFit community does what the CrossFit community does and supported it since day 1. I think it helps that a lot of the things truLOCAL stands for resonates with the CrossFit community, so things like eating whole foods and actually taking the time to find quality ingredients seemed like a need that we could address pretty well. Right now I’d say CrossFit is one of our biggest customer basis…Haha that and these athletes eat….A lot!

Why do you feel like these service is such a good fit for athletes?

Case and point above, athletes NEED to look at every aspects of their diets, and a big part of that is choosing which ingredients to cook with. Now a days people understand the difference in quality between something like 100% grass fed beef that’s been raised without any antibiotics or hormones and your conventional grocery store meat that is on sale for $2.99/lb. With that being said, I was definitely one of those people shopping in the sale bin at the local budget grocery store, a lot of it is an education piece, and I think the reason this is such a good fit for athletes is that they already understand. Now they have a place where they can find over 70 different quality meat cuts and also have it delivered.

How do your subscriptions work?

It’s pretty straight forward, we alway hate using the word subscription because there’s literally no commitments. You could order just once box if you wanted! We give people the option of choosing how often they’d like it delivered because usually people end up having that “set it and forget it” mentality. We also wanted to make it fun, hence the whole idea of the point system and being able to fully customize your box. All you’d do is visit our website, choose what box size works best for your life style (we always recommend starting with the regular size box….It’s just more bang for your buck). Then the fun starts…All the boxes are fully customizable so here’s where you’d mix and match to your box until you get exactly what you want. After that you’d choose how often you’d want it delivered and then boom…Your box is on it’s way. Most orders come with next day shipping so for the people who are last minute shoppers and often in a rush, it really works well for them.

I heard you guys were on Dragons Den! How was that experience?

Haha Dragons’ Den was awesome! Honestly aside from the exposure, I think the best part was the personal development. For those people who know me, they know I like to talk fast and talk a lot haha. It lended pretty well to a job in sales seeing as I’d always be pitching, but pitching investors behind closed doors is one thing…Doing it on national television where if you mess up it’s going to be broadcasted across the country is a whole different beast. I was just happy to have been able to walk it like we talk it and come out with a win. I think it helped me develop personally and it was a great test to see how to perform under pressure.

So what's next for truLOCAL?

Honestly, everything. We just finished expanding into Alberta and BC which we’re pretty excited about. Our goal is to become the direct connection between local farmers & producers and consumers. I want truLOCAL to be the default place people go to shop for value added, clean, quality proteins. If I ever were to bump into someone who didn’t know I run truLOCAL and somehow the conversation went in a way that they said “oh ya, I get my groceries and stuff from Whole Foods, but I get all my meat from truLOCAL” I feel like we’ll be a little closer to what we’re trying to achieve.

Thanks again to truLOCAL for joining us for the Tidal Showdown as our title sponsor!