Nutrition Coaching

Reach your performance and health goals with the support of a Tidal Nutrition Coach
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It's time to choose sustainable, long-term nutrition habits over a fad diet plan.

We're here to help.

Tidal CrossFit Danforth recognizes that living a healthy lifestyle encompasses not only fitness, but nutrition as well. Nutrition plays a big part in performance, strength gains, weight loss, energy levels and more. Fuel your body the right way with the Tidal Nutrition program, customized to your needs and goals.


We recognize that each body is unique and that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ for nutrition. Biometric testing and goal setting help us direct your program so that it’s designed for you and you alone.


Our coaches take pride in seeing you reach your goals.  Their mission is to push you, guide you, and support you on your journey to self-betterment.


One of the hardest parts of getting ‘healthy’ is staying consistent. By committing to a program and Coach, you are well on your way to crushing your goals.

New to Tidal Nutrition?

Choose from one of the following programs:

Stage 1

$220 + HST
  • Initial Intake Appointment (15 Min.)

    Biometric Testing

    Intake Questionnaire Handout & Instruction

  • Nutrition Assessment (60 Min.)

    Biometric and Intake Questionnaire Review

    Nutrition Therapy and Goal Setting

    Nutrition Guidance and Food Tracking Guidance

  • 1 Month Ongoing Coaching

    Weekly Email Check-Ins + 3x / Week Text Support

    Mid-Month In-Person Review (15 Min.)

Stage 2

$100 + HST
  • Continuing Nutrition Program Assessment (30 Min.)

    Biometric Testing

    Nutrition Goal Revisit, Goal Adjustment and Nutrition Therapy

  • 1 Month Ongoing Coaching

    Weekly Email Check-Ins + 3x / Week Text Support

    Mid-Month In-Person Review (15 Min.)

Recently completed Stage #1 or #2?


Ongoing coaching is available for $70.00/month and includes:

Weekly Email Support |  3x/Week Text Support | Mid-Month In-Person Review (20 Min.)

Meal Plan Programming is also available for $80/month.

Ready to transform your health?

Please fill out the form below and we'll get you in for your free initial 15-minute nutrition consultation. You may also email sophie@tidalcrossfit.com directly.

If you would like to book a free nutrition consultation, you may include a few day/time options that work for you.

Looking for more answers? See below.

You can also ask as many questions as you'd like during your free consultation.

Who is this program for?

Tidal’s Nutrition program is aimed at individuals looking to change their mindset about nutrition, to help reach their health and fitness goals, and improve their performance. 

If you’re looking to make healthy lifestyle changes that stick, this program is for you!

What does biometric testing include?

At the beginning and end of your program, your Coach will conduct the following testing:

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Weight
  • BMI

Do I have to take before and after photos?

No, before and after photos are not mandatory, although we do recommend them. Using photos and keeping track of energy levels, how you feel, etc is a much more beneficial way to track progress instead of simply stepping on a scale.

If you’re comfortable, we would love to share your before and after photos with the Tidal community (website, social media, etc) to help inspire others. However, that is only done with explicit permission from you, and certainly not mandatory.

What program should I choose?

If you’re unsure of what program is best for you or if you have questions, make sure to book your free consultation with a Tidal Danforth Nutrition Coach. During this time, you can ask any questions you have, and they can properly recommend you to a program best suited to your needs.

What benefits will I see?

The benefits of good nutrition are endless. You may see anything from enhanced performance, weight-loss (if desired), weight gain (if desired), to better complexion, energy levels and mental health status. There is no single benefit of bettering your nutrition as it plays such a major role in multiple aspects of life and can provide a multitude of benefits.

What if I have specific nutritional needs or deficiencies?

The program is certainly accommodating to any nutritional needs you may have both through the recipes that are provided and the support provided by the Nutrition Coach.

Should your Nutrition Coach not have the expertise required to accommodate your situation, we will always provide the best direction and support needed for you to reach your goals, even if that means directing you to a better suited program.

Is there a commitment requirement?

There is no minimum requirement outside of the month committment during Stage 1 and Stage 2. However, we strongly recommend a minimum of three months to truly see results. That 3-month timeline allows for necessary adjustments to be made to the program if needed to guarantee that the prescribed program is best suited to you.