Cabo San Lucas | September 12 - 19, 2019

Travel + Community + Fitness

We are excited to announce our first, of hopefully many, Tidal vacations. These vacations are for the Tidal community, CrossFit friends, and really anyone who wants to have some fun, enjoy great company, and get a few workouts in under the sun.

Riu Santa Fe


The Riu Santa Fe is an immaculate vacation property offering effortless getaways in Mexico’s southern Baja California Peninsula. With its direct beach location, guests can unwind on free sun loungers by stunning, clear water, or admire the incredible panoramic views from the resort’s infinity pool with swim-up bars nearby serving your favourite tropical beverages.

Amenities include:

  • 7 Pools
  • 10 Bars
  • 6 Restaurants
  • And more!

Note: This property is directly behind the Riu Santa Fe Palance but has access to the same beach and all amenities noted above.

Rooms will be double occupancy with 1 King or 2 Double bed options. See FAQ below for details on single occupancy.


Staying Fit with Friends

For a few hours a few days of this week, we will put our cocktails down and get a sweat on (don’t worry, the reward will always be more food, drinks and sun)

  • Three 1.5 hour CrossFit sessions at NorCal Cabo, located within a 25-minute walk (or warm up run) or 5-minute cab ride from the hotel
  • Expect to see organized beach workouts, beach volleyball tournaments (for prizes!) and more. And no worries, if you want to pass on the extra activities and lay poolside or head off to explore on your own, totally cool.

Explore Cabos San Lucas

Choose TWO of five excursion options:

Not all days need to be about CrossFit and working out. Included in your trip package is the chance to get out of the resort and explore the region. Choose two of the following excursions (full details will be provided prior to choosing):

  • Snorkelling Catamaran Tour
  • Canopy / Zip Line Tour
  • Surfing Lesson
  • Todos Santos Tour
  • Beach Hopping in Zodiac Boat

What's even better?

A week before our vacation, you will receive a custom swag package with essentials such as an exclusive tank top, towel, and more delivered to your location of choice!

$2099 + HST

Includes everything listed above plus flights, transportation to/from the airport and excursions, on-site travel agents to help with ongoing needs, and more!

Note: Only a $150 deposit is required to secure your spot. When you proceed to check out, you will see the full trip payment amount. You will ONLY be charged the $150, not the full amount. Full payment required by June 30, 2019.

Meet our Travel Agents

Yep, they're CrossFitters too! And they will be with us throughout the trip to help you with any travel or excursion needs.

Richard and Sarah of the Dayman Travel Group pride themselves of excellent customer service and a true passion for travel.  No matter how big or small the trip plans are, everyone is treated with the same level of enthusiasm.   They are extremely excited to be partnering up with Tidal Crossfit to help you plan and execute the perfect travel experience.

It’s a big world, why spend your life in one small part of it?

CPBC #2790 | TICO #4671384 | OPC #702971

Flight Centre Independant

Ready to secure your spot and start the countdown to an epic trip?

Space is limited to 30 people!

Use the link below to make your $150 deposit (non-refundable). Since we are booking double occupancy rooms, we request that you submit with the name of the person you would like to room with. Once submitted, our Travel Agents will be in touch with more information, including your deposit information.

You may review additional FAQ below for extra details.

Additional FAQ

What if I want to book a single room?

If you want to room by yourself, there will be an additional fee of $200.00. Please contact our travel agents directly to move forward with this option.

I want to join, but don't have a roommate.

We have put together a spreadsheet with others from Tidal who would be willing to get paired up! Please review the list and add your details here.

Note: If pairing doesn’t work, there is an extra $200 fee to have a single occupancy room.

If I have to cancel, will I get a refund?

The $150 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE so you will not get your deposit back.  Once your final payment is made on the booking, it is also non-refundable so it is imperative that you look into Travel Insurance that will cover you.

Please talk to Rich and Sarah about travel insurance as not all policies payout under the same conditions.

Do I need to be a certain fitness level to attend this trip? What if my friend/spouse doesn't do CrossFit?

This trip is designed for all levels of fitness! The CrossFit sessions, just like any class at our gyms, will have scaling options for individuals who are new to it.

The surfing lesson will be provided by instructors who are used to working with people who have never surfed before, all the way to professional surfers, so everyone will be in good hands then as well.

The trip package cost does include both CrossFit and Surfing, so if an individual chooses to opt-out of these sessions, unfortunately, modifications will not be made to the package cost.

Will meals be included? What if I have specific dietary requests?

All meals are included!  One of the great reasons to visit this resort is the service they provide.  Sarah and Rich will make arrangements to meet with a chef at the resort to discuss the needs.  Also if it is a buffet option we will make sure someone is on hand to review the different dishes available and what the ingredients are.

What will the additional costs be outside of the price quoted?

This is all you need to spend!  All taxes and gratuities are included.  That being said, it is up to your discretion if you feel that some of the service you received warrants additional tips.

Everyone has different shopping habits!  Shopping is always available in these little resort towns.  There will be the opportunity for you to do other excursions if that is something you are interested in.  Rich and Sarah can make those arrangements for you.  Sometimes the best tacos to be had are out on the street!  You may want to go and explore other culinary options, so you may need a few extra pesos for that.

If dates change, will a refund be available?

As these arrangments are being made so far in advance, SunWing reserves the right to change the flight details.  If the dates we have chosen no longer have direct flights, then SunWing will change our dates to ensure that we have as little travel time as possible.  If these dates no longer work for the group then a full refund can be requested.  If the dates don’t work for individuals then it is best to make sure you have insurance to cover your investment.  Not all insurance will payout under the same circumstances.  Make sure you know what your insurance will/will not cover.

Can we make payment instalments?

Yes!  Rich and Sarah are happy to set up whatever payment plan you need to make this happen for your self!
It is a service that is that they are offering at no additional charge.

Is Mexico a safe place to travel? What do I need to know?

Tourist areas in Mexico are generally safe and accommodate close to 35 million tourists/year. That being said, it is recommended as in any foreign country to exercise a certain amount of caution as to securing your belongings, maintaining a certain level of awareness, and not knowingly engaging in any type of illegal activity. Canada does have travel advisories for certain parts of Mexico, which you can review here: https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/mexico
Zika virus is present everywhere from the lower United States to the southern tip of South America. This is only a real concern to women who are pregnant or plan to be pregnant within 6 months of travel.
Water used for ice and drinks will be filtered, but please drink bottled water only while in Mexico unless you can confirm a filtered source.

Do I get any free time?

While we have some great stuff planned for most days, outside of the off-site excursion day, most activities are just a few hours a day. The rest of the time is yours to fill in however you like. All the included activities are totally optional, so if you feel like you would like to have more time to relax you can opt out of set activities.