Staying Fit in Summer

Summer is always a busy time of the year. With social events vacations, and the kids out of school, finding time to focus on your health can be daunting. And the plethora of food and drinks accompanying patio season only serve to make matters more dire. Lucky for you, there is always a way to get a workout in if you’re willing to commit to it! Check out Coach MaryBeth's tips for staying active this summer.

Returning from Injury

In life there are risks that we take everyday and sometimes those risks result in injury. As an athlete, injuries are important to acknowledge when training. Why? So that pain and damage don’t get worse! It can be tricky to navigate how to proceed after you know that some element of your body feels off. Your CrossFit affiliate can continue to be the place for you to go when recovering from injury, but keep in mind that this situation requires communication with your Coaches and patience with yourself.

The 2018 Open Season is Done. Now What?

Well, the dust has settled, and the 2018 Crossfit Open is over! Congrats - whether it was your first or your eighth year participating, you definitely have things to be proud of. Maybe you pushed yourself harder than ever. Perhaps you felt extra fired up and motivated to get to the gym, what with the exciting socials, camaraderie of Friday Night Lights, or leader-boarding (yes, it’s a verb). Maybe you uncovered a weakness, or skill you want to add to your capacity. Let’s talk about these experiences, because if we can bring the best of ourselves from the Open into the gym year-round, some pretty amazing changes can happen.

The Fearless Warrior’s Mindset

You can’t teach a mindset in the way you can teach someone how to fix their squat or to pull a clean properly. But it can be built. And it is not necessarily a fact that you either have it or you don’t. Mindset is a skill just like any other. Some people seem to be born with a certain mindset the same as some seem to be born with a gift for gymnastics. But both can be taught. And in the same vein both are perishable. For someone wanting to up their mental game first you need to really look at yourself and be honest about your performance. Did you break up those wall balls because you truly failed, or was it more that you were tired and uncomfortable?

Workout Posting: Every Day vs. Weekly?

Starting this past week we have switched to a new logging and programming platform, SugarWod. We have received a lot of great feedback about the app itself, and we feel very positive about its functionality and look being a big step up from TrainHeroic. However, the most common questions and concerns we've received have been around the change from weekly posting to nightly, so I wanted to explain the logic behind this decision.

Tidal’s Programming – Part 1

We tend to get a lot of questions on programming, especially from experienced CrossFitters. CrossFit is unique in the sense that there is no set model or standard for the product offered. Instead, individual CrossFit affiliates are encouraged to find their own style and, while CrossFit offers a plethora of resources on workout design and implementation, each gym has their own expression of CrossFit programming. While Tidal’s interpretation of CrossFit’s methodology isn’t unique, it may differ from other facilities.

Competition: What is it good for?

We see it every year. Athletes all lined up in their colourful new Reebok gear, abs for days, quads that look like a tumor is growing from their knees. They have perseverance, focus, heart… all laid out on the line. It’s just the athlete, the equipment, and the years of hard dedicated training. But what you don’t think about is that these athletes didn’t get there by waiting for the moment they hit “x” snatch, or got a muscle up, or perfected their handstand walk. Instead, they have been continuously putting their humility on the line for the chance that they come out on top of the podium, or die trying.