Family Day Hours

Family Day is coming up on Monday, February 18th, which means our class schedules have been modified to ensure both you and our Coaches can enjoy your day with loved ones.

Please make sure to sign up in ZenPlanner to secure your spot. If you can’t make it, please cancel so that someone else can get in for a sweat session.

Tidal Burlington:

  • 8AM, 9:15AM, 10:30AM

Tidal Bronte:

  • 9:30AM, 10:30AM

Tidal York Mills:

  • 9AM, 10AM

Tidal Danforth:

  • 8AM, 9AM, 10AM, 11AM, 12PM

Have a great Monday, #TidalNation!

Open Programming – What to Expect

One of the draws of the Open, at least for me anyways, is the fact that it is a test of the “unknown and the unknowable”. Not even your Coaches know the workout before it is announced on Thursday night. While the mysterious nature of the Open workouts is an exhilarating highlight of the competition, it throws a monkey wrench in our weekly workout planning. Fortunately, over the years we have developed a specific template to guide our programming during the five weeks of the Open.

Introducing the Level Method

We are very excited to bring the Level Method to Tidal. The Level Method is a system of testing and tracking that will integrate with our current programming and help you get the most out of your workouts. The Level Method is a collection of 15 tests that assess overall fitness and provides a tangible metric to track the development of our general physical preparedness (GPP). Each test corresponds to a mode in which our bodies use energy to produce power - an energy system. By asking us to complete a variety of familiar workouts and exercises, the Level Method allows us to have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses letting us to focus on our shortcomings and rapidly improve our GPP.

Myles Ahead Fundraiser

We invite you to join the Tidal community on June 24 for a very important workout, 'Myles Ahead'. Just last month, the Tidal CrossFit Danforth community lost a special member of its Youth Program, Myles Kulperger at the age of 13. This event is a fundraiser in support of Myles’ family's not-for-profit organization, which will help families understand and navigate the gaps currently existing in the youth mental health system.

WOD for Humboldt Broncos

...So I would like to ask you, Tidal Nation, to help these families by donating to  We will be hosting a workout on Saturday, April 14 written by Burlington Business Leader, Joe Tolles, a guy who has ridden more buses then I have, to show how thankful we are that we have each other and to honour the individuals that lost their lives that night.  

Handstand Foundations Workshops

Want to move like a gymnast? Join Strongnastics Coach Jenn Lymburner for a 90-minute gymnastics workshop focused on handstands! Perfect for athletes of ALL levels, this workshop will introduce important mobility, strength and technique drills to get you comfortable upside down. Although focused on the foundations of balancing (beginner/intermediate), the session will touch on drills for handstand push ups and walking as well.