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What are some of the benefits of joining Tidal CrossFit Bronte's Kids program?

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Build Healthy Habits

It's never too early to show them what a healthy lifestyle looks like! CrossFit classes provide an environment free of technology where they can spend time moving, playing, and learning the importance of active living.
Tidal CrossFit Bronte (Oakville) - CrossFit Kids Fitness Program

Boost Confidence

While parents are welcome to stay and watch or join in on a BURN class, CrossFit Kids is a great opportunity for them to develop independence and confidence. Plus, acquire skills like coordination, strength and mobility that will provide confidence if they're pursuing other activities or sports.
Tidal CrossFit Bronte Kids and Teens - Oakville

Develop Social Skills

Not only do our classes provide youth with the chance to make some new friends, but they teach other important life skills like active listening, sharing, teamwork, comradery and more.

Our CrossFit Kids program is designed for youth 6-11 years old (or younger, depending on skill level).

Classes run every Saturday from 8:00-8:45am. Monthly membership is $75.00+HST.

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Jennifer Mithcell - CrossFit Kids Coach Tidal Bronte (Oakville)

Coach Jennifer Mitchell

With a passion for wellness and healthy living, Coach Jenn’s mission is to instill these principles in our community of children. Kids don’t always love the idea of healthy eating and staying active, but with the right tools and team-centric environment, we can create a positive link between wellness and FUN that will last a lifetime!


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