Ownership Change at Tidal York Mills

We have some big announcements coming out of Tidal and wanted to be the first to share the news!

Let’s start off by saying congratulations to Thom Wendelboe, who has stepped into a full ownership role at Tidal York Mills. Thom is taking his gym in a new direction, under a new brand – Breaker Strength.

Thom joined Tidal Danforth as a Coach in November 2015  and has played an integral part in Tidal’s well-rounded programming, the training of coaches, and developing various training programs, like the Tidal Foundations program. In 2017 he stepped up to take on the role as General Manager and Co-Owner at Tidal York Mills. He and his team have been instrumental in its growth, and we know that he will continue to lead his gym to success.

We will provide more Tidal news and updates soon. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at mags@tidalcrossfit.com.

Maguid Nicholas | Tidal Owner