Hello Tidal Family!

We are very excited to be releasing this first Tidal Programming Blog post! At the start of each cycle, you can look forward to a run-down of the upcoming cycle’s goals, tests, and key workouts. But before all that, an announcement:

Upcoming Changes

As of November 8th, Tidal Programming will be headed up by Coach Mags and Mary Beth of Tidal Danforth. Mags brings to Tidal Programming over 12 years of CrossFit experience, as a trainee, competitor, and coach. He has written (and done) too many met-cons to count and has only drooled on the floor for one-fifth of them. Mary Beth has been in the Crossfit space for 6 years, and prior to that competed in alpine ski racing. She brings a background of sport-specific training (think lots and lots of squats), competitive Crossfit, and more recently dedicated practice as an Olympic lifting coach.

Another notable change is that Tidal programming will be shifting away from Level Method testing and scaling to our own regular tests and benchmarks. Some of these tests you are familiar with – benchmarks like Helen and Fight Gone Bad – others will be new. More on testing below…

If you have any questions regarding the programming, feel free to email mags@tidalcrossfit.com.

How We Write It

Tidal Programming is written in cycles approximately eight weeks long. For each cycle, we will designate one to three tests and set the goal of improving on those tests by the end of the cycle. That said, CrossFit is about broad, general and inclusive fitness, so programming won’t skew too far to one or two biases. 

Coach Mags and coach Mary Beth write the programming collaboratively. Once a cycle is written, a process of rigorous editing takes place, with the aim of maintaining a good balance of movements, modalities, time domains, intensity and volume from day to day, week to week, and month to month. 

We constantly look for new ideas, training strategies and fun workouts to include in the programming because if it isn’t fun, it isn’t really worth doing! If you ever have cool workout suggestions or ideas, feel free to email Mags at the address above!

A Note on SugarWOD

Deliberate programming is about one thing: consistent progress. That’s why we take the time and care we do in writing Tidal Programming. We want to keep our athletes healthy, allow them to maintain intensity, and help them achieve their goals. This is where SugarWod becomes so valuable to Tidal members as a training tool. Logging your workouts benefits the programming by providing useful data, but more importantly, it helps you track your progress, find weaknesses to address, and celebrate your successes. So if you’re not on SugarWod yet, download the app at www.sugarwod.com, add Tidal CrossFit as your home gym (Password: TidalNation), and get logging!  

If you are on SugarWod and are using the private function, we encourage you to try going public and to share your hard work with the community. Being on the leaderboard is not about being compared to others, it’s about taking pride in every day of training that we put in. Give it a shot, we promise you’ll get even more out of SugarWod than before!

Alright, let’s get into our next cycle…

Post-Open Strength!

Programming Overview

This block of post-Open programming is about building base strength while maintaining our overall conditioning. Don’t be fooled by the name, we will not just be slamming bars and going for PR’s, great conditioning is elemental to adapting to strength work. There will be conditioning a-plenty. Keep an eye out for a weekly squat focused “heavy day,” a deadlift every 8-10 days, and a good amount of accessory pressing and pulling to keep our shoulders healthy. 


1. CrossFit Total (December 31st)

This is a CrossFit benchmark workout comprised of the back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift. In contrast to the power-lifting total, the bench press has been replaced with the more functional overhead press, but all other rules remain the same. On the last day of this year, we will have three attempts in each lift to establish a 1RM. The sum of your best in each lift is your CrossFit Total. 

2. 30 Squat Clean and Jerks for Time

This will be our “conditioning” test for this cycle. It is still heavily strength biased and is intended to be short. The goal here is to turn that 1RM strength into repeatable efforts done at high intensity. Remember that the clean and jerk requires as much technique as it does strength, so make sure to get in on days when we are practicing clean variants and overhead movements to fine-tune your technique.

3. Max effort strict pull-ups

Each cycle, we will try to include at least one gymnastics biased component, either in a conditioning context or as its own, stand-alone test. This cycle, we will be working on building some of the foundations of great gymnastics capacity – starting with the basic strict pull-up. Don’t have a pull-up yet? Start talking to your coaches now about how to cut that band tension down and make it your goal to get that first rep as soon as you can!

That sums it up! We hope you guys enjoy this next cycle of Tidal Programming, and again, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email mags@tidalcrossfit.com and let’s talk it out!