Understanding Tidal’s Programming During the Open


The CrossFit Open is just around the corner.


What is the CrossFit Open? Well, I am sure the Coaches at your gym would love to chat your ear off about it, BUT very briefly, the Open is a five-week test of our General Physical Preparedness (GPP). For the best of the best – the top .001% – the Open is the first step in the “CrossFit Games season”. For the rest of us, it’s a great way to measure progress, push hard, and find an excuse to get rowdy during Friday Night Lights.



One of the draws of the Open, at least for me anyways, is the fact that it is a test of the “unknown and the unknowable”. Not even your Coaches know the workout before it is announced on Thursday night. While the mysterious nature of the Open workouts is an exhilarating highlight of the competition, it throws a monkey wrench in our weekly workout planning. Fortunately, over the years we have developed a specific template to guide our programming during the five weeks of the Open.



Expect a typical day of Tidal programming with a bit of a gymnastics bias. This day will feature skills that have yet to appear in the Open workouts, giving you an extra chance well removed from Friday to practice those pesky bar muscle ups, chest to bar pull-ups, and toes-to-bar. Mondays are the first step to becoming a fabled bodyweight ninja.



We will be squatting on Tuesdays. There may also be wall balls, lunges, air squats, and a few other devious exercises. Tuesday is the last heavy eccentric day before Friday as we pull back on the loading heading into Friday’s Open workout. Want to get your legs jacked? Make Tuesday a priority!



Much like Monday, Wednesday will be very typical Tidal programming. There will be a bit more focus on weightlifting – the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk – with positional work (not maxing out) taking priority. Expect coaches to nerd out discussing pulling mechanics, and come ready to delve into the lifts. Want to make sure your barbell game is on point? Get in on Wednesday!



The calm before the storm. Expect to sweat. The intensity will be high, while the loading will be minimal. Look for movements that have already appeared in Open workouts and a liberal use of rowers, air bikes, d-balls, and shuttle sprints. There will also be a cooldown each Thursday geared towards getting you focused for Friday. Come in to get sweaty, get loose, and get focused!



Game Day! This is when you will come in and go hard on whatever CrossFit cooks up. If you have the time, check games.crossfit.com for the details on the workout and come prepared to give your absolute best effort. Come Friday to go hard, cheer your friends on, and give it your all!



Saturdays are for partner workouts. Expect to see movements that compliment the previous day’s efforts. And bench press. There will be bench press. Oh, and we won’t forget the curls. Don’t leave it out all out there Friday and skip Saturday. Come in, get moving, and get a pump with your swolemates.



As the Open progresses, Sunday will feature movements you have already tackled during the five-week extravaganza. We may also try to get you guys some extra skill work on movements that haven’t shown up yet. Get in on Sunday’s if you want to continue to shore up weaknesses or get revenge on “goat” movements!


So, there it is! Our Open programming. We will return to our typical GPP focused programming following the CrossFit Open. For more information, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our programming overview. If you have any questions about Tidal’s programming, please contact me at thom@tidalcrossfit.com.


Happy Open, everyone!


Thom Wendelboe

Tidal Training Coordination
Co-Owner & General Manager @ Tidal CrossFit York Mills