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Myles Ahead Fundraiser

We invite you to join the Tidal community on June 24 for a very important workout, 'Myles Ahead'. Just last month, the Tidal CrossFit Danforth community lost a special member of its Youth Program, Myles Kulperger at the age of 13. This event is a fundraiser in support of Myles’ family's not-for-profit organization, which will help families understand and navigate the gaps currently existing in the youth mental health system.

May 2018

Congratulations to our May 2018 Tidal Featured Athletes. These athletes have worked hard to deserve this recognition, in the forms of PRs, positive attitudes, leading by example and more!

Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe

Looking for a new breakfast idea? These Cottage Cheese Pancakes are a great option that your whole family will love. Paired with some fruit, honey or sugar-free syrup, you still get the sweetness you crave from regular pancakes.

Returning from Injury

In life there are risks that we take everyday and sometimes those risks result in injury. As an athlete, injuries are important to acknowledge when training. Why? So that pain and damage don’t get worse! It can be tricky to navigate how to proceed after you know that some element of your body feels off. Your CrossFit affiliate can continue to be the place for you to go when recovering from injury, but keep in mind that this situation requires communication with your Coaches and patience with yourself.

5Star Whey Protein Pre-Order

April Pre-Order for 5Star 4Mula Whey Protein! Looking for the best whey protein blend to add or maintain lean muscle? 5STAR WHEY PROTEIN blend of Whey protein and isolate whey protein will help your body recover faster and stronger from any workout. Each scoop of 5STAR WHEY PROTEIN contains 25 grams of protein and a low quantity of carbs.

WOD for Humboldt Broncos

...So I would like to ask you, Tidal Nation, to help these families by donating to  We will be hosting a workout on Saturday, April 14 written by Burlington Business Leader, Joe Tolles, a guy who has ridden more buses then I have, to show how thankful we are that we have each other and to honour the individuals that lost their lives that night.